Thursday, October 11, 2007

What Is This?

So If you like me your nervous about everything : School, Living on your own, Work, Friends, Family, you name it I've worried about it. So what's the next big thing I have to worry about? Well if you've read the title Sex? And not just intercourse... I'm talking relationships, kissing, oral, everything up to and including intercourse. Ok so where do I go to look.... the Internet of course, it's where I do all my research. So what did i find well to start off a lot of pornography. But after I filtered that out I found a few good sources the problem was they were all for younger teens or older Adults. I wanted site for my age group and sex Women(Are we considered that maybe Females or Chicks): 18-25. Hopefully that is what this site will do, take all the information including links to all the sites I visit (From QnA sites to Articles to Sex Shops and yes the occasional pornography site).